Thursday, 28 July 2011


For all the Wireless Router users, are you browsing safe?? Do you know who has been using you internet through your Wireless Signals without your notice? If not, you might be at a serious security risk, as someone can easily abuse your internet and you’ll be held responsible for that. Always make a secured Wireless connection and keep your Internet private and personal.
Don’t know how to do it? Well, its simple procedure.

Below is the procedure for putting a secured password on your wireless router so that only you can use your internet.
STEP 1:- Press Windows Key or Click Start.
STEP 2:- Type ‘Network’ in the search bar and then click Network.
Wireless Router Security 1

STEP 3:- After the Network window is open, you’ll sell you Wireless Router name under Networks Infrastructures. Right Click on the icon and Click ‘View Device Webpage’

Wireless Router Security 2

STEP 4:- A device webpage will open which might be different for everyone according to his Wireless Router Brand, as mine is TP-LINK Wireless router I’m sharing its preview just to make you guys understand. When the device webpage opens, it will prompt for login and password for the page, you may find it on your Wireless Router Boxing otherwise usually it is Admin(Login) and admin(password), when you are in, you will have to find Wireless Security tab.
Wireless Router Security 3

STEP 5:- Normally, the device security is disabled. Set it to Password Protection as given in above Preview and set you desired password. Now all your devices i.e. laptops, PDA, Mobiles, etc. will prompt for password when you connect to the internet through wireless router (Just First Time Only).


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