Friday, 19 August 2011

FIFA 12 | Review | Requirement | Trailer | Screenshots | Wallpapers

FIFA 12 also known as Fifa Soccer 12 in North of America is the nineteenth episode in the FIFA series of EA Games. Fifa 12 is developed by EA Canada and will release under the shadows of EA Sports label. The line producer of the FIFA 12, David Rutter says that "It will be the revolutionary year for FIFA, specially in the gameplay branch. The release date for FIFA 12 will be September 27, 2011 and September 30, 2011 for North America and Europe respectively.

FIFA 12 Cover(Rooney & Wilshere)
 Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere are on
the cover of FIFA 12. FIFA 12 will be released for following Platforms:
Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Wii, Playstation 2, Playstation Vita, Xperia Play, PlayStation Portable, 3DS and iOS.

FIFA 12 Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 245e

CPU: 2.4 GHZ single core
Video Graphics: NVidia GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X1600 at least, GeForce GTS 240 and Radeon HD 3870 recommenced
Hard Drive: 6 GB to 12 GB
FIFA 12 Trailer:

FIFA 12 Screenshots:

Benzema tries to receive the ball but Barcelona hold firm.
Bendtner tries a header but the goalkeeper gets there first.
Casillas saves the ball at the last moment.

Vermaelen stops Chelsea from taking the lead at home.

Puyol slips up, allowing Benzema to try a header.

A risky sliding tackle to messi in the box from Carvalho.

Van Persie ignores a sliding tackle to fight on towards the goal.

A freestyling Messi exploits a hole in the defense

A tricky save sees the goalkeeper stretching.

Can Fabregas pierce a thick Chelsea defense?

Can Kaka puts the ball in the net?

Can Drogba avoids this tackle and scores a goal for Chelsea?

Can David Silva pierce the Arsenal Defence?

Can John Terry and Peter Cech saves the Wayne Rooney Blow?

Can Manchester City holds on her lead?

Can Chielleini makes a bicycle kick?

Can Fabregas succesfully tackles Wayne Rooney?
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