Friday, 5 August 2011

How to Secure Your Facebook Account

FaceBook Security,Security on Facebook
Now a Days Facebook is best Social Website in the World and Almost Everyone is Using this to connect with their friends or relatives etc .It is also very important to secure your facebook account and it is required for everyone to secure their facebook accounts.I tell you the ways to secure your fb account.

                To secure your facebook account first of all enable HTTPS This will avoid peoples to  Hack your facebook account.To enable HTTPS you have to follow these steps below
i)First of All go to Account 
ii)Then Account Setting
iii)Now Search for Account Security
iv)Now final Step Click on Secure Browsing (HTTPS)

2.Spam Applications
There are hundreds of spam applications that runs on Facebook.Automatically these applications opens and ask you to fill a form or vote for someone etc etc .You have to block such kind of applications in order to secure your fb accounts.For this you to have to  follow  steps given below:-
i)First of All Log in you fb account 
ii)Go to Application Setting 
iii)Then Check all those applications that access your Facebook account 
iv)disable them 

3.Protect Your Personal Information
One important thing is to secure your Personal Information that only your friends can see your personal information.If your personal Information is visible to everyone so this helps hackers to find your passwords or answers your security questions to reset your Passwords.This is very simple to protect your personal Information follow these steps:-
i)log in your fb accounts
ii)Go to Account
iii)Click on Privacy Setting
iv)Customize Setting
v)And Share your personal Information to Friends Only

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