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Samsung Galaxy Tab |Review |Release date| Specifications| features

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review Release Date
Samsung made a great progress in Android Phones.Samsung New Galaxy Tab 10.1.Samsung Officially Announced the release date of Galaxy Tab 10.1 The release date of This New Samsung Galaxy Tab is 4th of August.It is One of the best Phone of Samsung
  • its Processor is 1GHz dual-Core
  • its Ram is 1GB with 16/32/64 GB Rom
  • its Primary Camera is of 3MegaPixels and its Secondary Camera is of 2MegaPixels
  • its size is 256.7 x 175.3 mm
  • its Weight is 565 grams
  • its screen display is 10.1" widescreen with 1280 x 800 WXGA TFT LCD and 149 pixels per inch ppi
  • it has a four way rotation
  • its battery timing is up to 70 hours.
It has many features 
  • it is thinnest and largest light weight tablet
  • it has excellent screen sharpness
  • it is having customizable home screen
  • it this tablet you can do more than more tasks at the same time
  • You can browse without any limitations
  • it is having high speed wifi 
Some screenshots of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 are given gelow:-

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1|samsung android
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1|samsung android

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1|samsung tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1|samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1|samsung Phone

samsung Phone
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